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Arthritis Solution–Never: Struggle with Medication Again


For people on medication, senior citizens and aging adults, it is a safe, quick, and easy solution for the difficult-to-open (child proof & tamper proof) medicine packaging. Pierce foil with the ears or tail, push single-dose pills into the template on the back, open aspirin with the angled head, open prescription bottles with the gripping pad, and pull cotton out with the tail. Customers have found 11 uses in the home, and it stores conveniently on the refrigerator. Over 150,000 satisfied customers.

It’s perfect for the occupational therapists and caregivers looking for an aid to daily living product to help patients with arthritis or reduced hand strength open their medication. Parents and grandparents will find this a unique gift, and one that will last a lifetime.


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Rx Opener -PurrFect Shape w/ magnet for storage

SKU: BAM-8-Or-2
  • Hand wash only; not rated for dishwahser.

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