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Please note that this order is for end users who need cellular wifi in their homes


$20 is fully refundable.  Projected ship date is Spring 2021 at which time the full amount will be due prior to shipping.


Your order will contain an uncycled tablet, a stainless steel UpStand, a power cord, and instructions,  It is recommended that this order be shipped to the family member or caregiver so that he/she can get familiar with how the UpTablet works before giving it to the user.


The following video call applications will be loaded onto the tablet: Skype, Duo, and Zoom.  The UpTablet will be in "kiosk mode" meaing the user will not be able to access other applications.  If you choose the *Remote Control" option, you can add other apps of your choosing.


*If Remote control of the tablet is required, there is an additional $36/year payment.  This is not required at time of puchase.







Cellular UpTablet - beta ($20 deposit on $289) ships Winter 2022

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