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Medicine Caddy

Organize.  Remind.  Track.  Communicate.


Helping with the confusion of multiple medications


Lights and alarms to remind the user to take the right medicine at the right time


Algorithims help understand and graph behaviorial and medicine taking patterns


Don't let opinions or memory command your conversation, use data to have fact based discusssions for improved health

Free Rx Opener
Open Prescription Rx Bottles
Remove cotton
Open Aluminum Cans
store on fridge

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It all started when my grandmother struggled with her multiple medications as a result of herRheumatoid Arthritis.  Fast forward several years, and my parents have similar ailments.  Just like my grandmother, my parentes are faced with the challenge of managing multiple medications.  The Medicine Caddy is will launch soon and is design to help adults take the right medications at the right time, help organize, and have communications based on quality data.  Our team is dediated to delivering incredible products that help with at home independence and peace of mind for the caregiver.


All the Best,

Bob the Inventor and the Medicine Caddy team

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